Chilean born designer raised in Santiago; took art and design classes in Valencia, and graduated Industrial Design in Santiago. Later he worked as a creative designer in Leipzig and started a Master’s degree in Product Service System Design at Politecnico di Milano. He currently lives in Milan after been working for Kossmann. Dejong Exhibition Architects designing part of the Lounge 2 at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


April 2018

Milan Design Week 2018/ "Convey", Volume I 

Tempio del Futuro Perduto-Fabbrica dell Vapore, Milan, IT.

Feb, 2018

Public Art Exhibition/ Flawless”,  Brightness of nature.

Canal Convergence, 2018. Arizona, USA


March, 2018

Public Art Exhibition/ Flawless”,  Brightness of nature.

I light Singapore, 2018. SG



Oct, 2017

Half body/ Exhibition in Collaboration Ting gong

Huis of Marseille, Amsterdam.NL

June, 2016

"Doorscape",  Amsterdam Fashion Week - Mercedes Benz. 

Opening show Karim Adduchi,

Amsterdam. NL 


Jan, 2016

Public art Exhibition/ “Flawless”  Brightness of nature.

Canary Wharf Light Festival 2016. London, UK.



Oct- Jan, 2016

Video sound art 2016 Exhibition/  “Translucent” 

/ Museo Scs. technology  Leonardo da Vinci. Milan. IT.


Jan 2015 

Public Art Exhibition/  “Flawless”, Light Installation. 

/ Amsterdam Light Festival, 2015, NL.

April, 2013

Innovative Insights exhibition/ "Lufaro"

Milan Design Week, Milan, IT.

Feb. 2013

Innovative Insights exhibition/ "Lufaro"

Politecnico di Milano, Milan, IT.


2015-Present year

Creative Director

Concept development, Spatial Design, PM.

Founder of Design Studio ALEX/ Architectural Light Experience.

Milan/ Amsterdam



Jan 2017

Exhibition Designer 

Fashion show Karim Adduchi.

Mercedez-Benz /Dutch Design Week.




March 2013/ March 2014

Spatial Designer/ Industrial Designer

Project / Lounge 2 at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Kossmann.Dejong Exhibition Architects / Amsterdam, Netherlands. 



Sept 2010 / Jan 2011

Creative Designer 

Concept development, Set design, Art direction

Werkstattmachen, Loft Theater./ Leipzig/ Berlin, Germany 


Feb- April, 2018

Scottsdale Public art/ Canal Convergence 2018. AZ, USA.


Oct- Dec 2017

Huis of marseille, Amsterdam, NL.

Half Body/ Collaboration with fashion designer Ting Gong

May- Aug 2016

Hangartfest —  Contemporary Dance Festival . Pesaro, IT. 

Collaboration with dancer Pablo Tapia .


Sep, 2016- Feb 2017

Video Sound Art/ "Translucent"

Design Museo, Milan. IT.


March, 2015

In collaboration Amsterdam Light Festival/ "Flawless"

Artis Natural Magistra, Amsterdam NL


Interview - Artis Natura Magistra Zoo Magazine, #4, 2014

2020, Milan