4000 Handmade/ casting Resin/

Phosporecece/ steel cable/

10m L/ 5m H/ 1,5M W

Year. 2015


/Amsterdam Light festival/ NL. 2014/2015

/Canaray Wharf light art Festival/ UK. 2016

/Canal convergence Light Art/ US. 2018

/ i Light Marina Bay/ SG. 2018

/ Singapore Design Week. SG. 2018


Selfsuffient site specific installation based on capturing the ephemerilaity of nature called photosistephis, the study recalls the importance of nature for human being. More than 4000 leavesmoves as a poetry in the space connecting water and wind. The phosphorencet pigments of the artwork absorb the light during the day giving at night a light green glow giving this a result of sustainable study of light.

Production / Perrine Vichet

Photograher/ Laura Cabello

2020, Milan